contoh fabel v.INGGRIS

The Fox and The Cat

From Aesop Fables

A fox and a cat were out walking together when the fox began boasting how clever he was.
“I’m prepared for any situation” said the Fox. “I have a whole bag of tricks to choose from if my enemies try to capture me.”
“I’m afraid I’ve only got one trick, but it has always worked for me” The cat said timidly.
The fox looked at the cat and shook his head “One trick, how dumb is that? I’ve got hundreds of ways of escaping” said the fox.
“I still think it’s better to have one trick that works than waste time trying to choose from a dozen that might” said the cat softly.
“Rubbish” shouted the fox. “You’re just not as smart as me”
Just then they heard a pack of dogs barking as they coming towards them. The cat immediately ran up the nearest tree and hid on one of the highest branches.
“That’s my trick” the cat called from high up in the tree. “You had better reach into that bag of tricks of yours and choose one right now or you’re history”
“Ok, Ok, stay calm” said the fox to himself.
“Should I run and hide behind the nearest hedge?
Or should I jump down a burrow?”
The dogs were getting closer and closer.
“Down a burrow that’s the way to go” said the fox, and started running around the field looking for a burrow.
“No, that one’s too small, I can’t get down far enough. This one’s too big, they could get down too. Maybe that one over there?”
Too late. While the fox wasted time, confused by so many choices, the dogs caught him and killed him.
The cat looked down sadly and said, “It’s better to have one safe way than a hundred you can’t choose from.”


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